From the recordings Alone in Wonderland and Alone in Wonderland

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Tommy and I wrote this song in 1981 but never recorded it. This past December, during my visit to Austin from Colorado, we decided to record it. So we did, in Tommy's tiny home studio. Tommy plays all instruments and did the arrangement. We sent it out to our friends and family as a holiday gift.


Cold December sky stretches clear and blue Such a lovely color makes me think of you. Yours eyes like stars on a frosty winter's morn. You and I beside the fire, cozy and warm. Staring out the window at the early morning snow, times likes these I wonder why I ever let you go. We could be together now if wishes could come true .But I'm alone in wonderland dreaming of you. If I could write a letter to Santa I would say All I want beneath the tree is you on Christmas Day. I could spend the holidays, lost in reverie of mistletoe and tinsel stars and what you mean to me. We could be together now, if wishes could come true, but I'm alone in Wonderland dreaming of you.
Deb Barr & Tommy Dean, Braeswood Music, 2009, All Rights Reserved.