From the recording Off Season Blues

"Off Season Blues" was written about Telluride, Colorado in the early 1980s. I had moved there from Austin and spent the off season in town while many of my friends went home to visit family in California or spent the spring lying on a beach in Mexico.
"Off Season Blues" is from the CD All My Stories, released in June of 2007. All My Stories was recorded at home in Colorado on my Yamaha G3. It was arranged and mixed at Spyderman Studios in Chama, NM, with David Hammond, who also played guitars on the CD and was the engineer.


Lyrics: My friends are talking islands, say they're gonna' go, where there's plenty of sunshine and there's never any snow--everybody here is talking off season blues. Talking Bahamas, Belize, and Cancun. Talking palm trees and suntans and tropical moons. Everybody here is talking the old off season blues. Some get to go; some have to stay. I hope they have some dreams to see them through. Maybe they've got a baby keeping the cold away. I hear there's a lucky few that do. In a town like my town, love gets a bad reputation. It comes on hot and heavy, then it takes a long vacation. Everybody here's talking the off season blues. Baby's talking east. Baby's talking west. But by my side is where I like my baby best. Everybody here's talking those old off season blues. (Copyright Deb Barr 1983)