With Winter Comes the Holidays

For the past three years, Tommy Dean and I have "released" a holiday song, which we email out to our family and friends -- a sort of peace and love contribution to the universal consciousness, if you will. Tommy, who lives in Austin, and I go all the back to high school days in Abilene, Texas. Many many moons ago.

The first year we recorded an old song written by Tommy and me in the early 1970s, during our early professional days in Austin ("Alone in Wonderland"). The second year Tommy had a genius idea to use a song straight out of Episcopal songbook ("A Stable Lamp Is Lighted"). As usual, he conceptualized, planned and arranged. I just follow his directions -- mostly :-) -- and we have a great time.

Last year Tommy worked very hard on one of his songs, only to abandon it because, even though it was great Tommy Dean song, it was just too dark for the holidays and not right for the two of us. At the last minute he took tracks from another of our endeavors and turned them into a beautiful rendition of an old Peter, Paul & Mary song - "Moments of a Soft Persuasion," a song we first sang together as "the Trilogy," our first band. (Both songs can be found on this web site.)

But so much for the past. This year we are giving "ya'll" fair warning that our 2012 holiday song may not be released until post holidays -- very post -- like springtime 2013. Yes, yes, we know about the digital age, but we work best in the same room and Tommy is up to his knickers right now.

Even more important, he is setting up new recording equipment and needs to find his way around his new configuration. He is and always has been a mad man when he's working (creating) -- and might not answer the phone for days, or at least not reply. I know this and still I love him very much because the end result -- a song -- is something I cherish in my heart forever. It's a great friendship.

We've been considering songs for 2012 -- it's a surprise -- and we don't want to be held to any preconceived ideas about our choices -- but we have our hearts set on year four. So wish us well and stay tuned. Oh, yeah, and VOTE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.

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