Summer's Lush Pleasures

The garden and the music are doing well. It's rained here in western Colorado, unlike Texas, where it's still bone dry. I've got two important gigs coming up. I'll be playing the Saturday night patron party for the Telluride Jazz Celebration (August 6) and then on September 3rd, will be one of the featured musicians at the Uncompahgre Valley  Muses Festival at the Pavilion in Montrose, Colorado. We may not live in the big cities but you'll be surprised at how good some of the ladies are and right here in our own backyard.

So needless to say, I'm hoppin', and I just finished writing the copy for the Jazz Celebration's program, which was great fun, and made me even more excited about the upcoming music. (Check out their web site:  The line is great, starting out with Tower of Power on Friday night. I expect to dance until I'm breathless, which at 9000 feet, is a distinct possibility. But oh, man, what beauty! Jazz and the San Juans.

Have a safe & happy summer. DB


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