Moab Folk Festival

The Moab Folk Festival held its 11th (?) annual the first weekend in November. It's a lovely music festival, and something worth adding to your calendar. This year I went to Sunday's ballfield (outdoor) performance with the Parker Millsap Band, Eliza Gilkyson and Tom Russell. Millsap was unknown to me, but he's a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma -- only in his early twenties but a good songwriter and witty. His bass player is his best friend from high school -- so the roots of the band's music run deep and it shows in the performance. Eliza Gilkyson (see previous posts) was her usual wonderful self and it was a treat to see her with Nick Forster (yes, of E-Town) along with his wife Helen on some harmonies. Tom Russell came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. How did I live so long (and a Texan at that) without hearing his music? Good perspective. Wise. Sort of a wild man, but a musically educated wild man who crossed between his own music, Dylan's and even some flamenco with confident ease. His backing guitarist, Thad Beckman, was smokin' and apparently should be checked out in his own right (on my list). Music to bridge the gap between cultures and age. Wonderful. And then it rained, but not until the music was over, and then we all ran for cover. But the weather was great until then -- warm and pleasant. Someday the festival may lose its smallness -- and so maybe some of its charm. But for now, it's perfect and the music is always good. Check it out! You can go for the entire weekend (Friday night, Sat afternoon, Sat night and Sun afternoon) or purchase individual performances (they do sell out the indoor performances). Also check out the Mount Peale Bed & Breakfast...

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