April and Tommy's Return

My good friend and musician extraordinaire Tom Dean is arriving next week for a long overdue visit. It's been a while since Tommy graced the Western Slope with his presence, but I remember a time....Silverton September 1981, the Grand Imperial Hotel, a time that changed my life. Tommy and I had a two-week gig...our audience was primarily out-of-work miners with some hippies thrown in. We had a blast, if not an interesting time...and a close call one night with a very drunk...and armed....man banging on the band's doors looking for his wife, who was in fact, in Tommy 's room...not with Tommy but with his unwitting permission. Somehow we lived to tell the story. It was that same visit that we made the trip to Telluride -- we ate at the old Flora Dora -- and then out to Mesa Verde -- a 24-hour roadtrip through the land  that would become my future -- only I didn't know it at the time -- and here we are all these years later...after that fall, I went back to Austin, packed up my piano and sound system and headed for the land of my dreams -- Colorado.

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