Alone In Wonderland

Some good things just take a little time to come to fruition. Maybe it's the deep knowledge that individual lives are transient...or perhaps one needs to simply "make hay while the sun shines," as my grandmother used to say. Regardless of the motivation, Tommy Dean and I have been friends since we were teenagers. We are still friends and have maintained our long musical partnership through the years. Individually both Tommy and I have pursued our own interests and passions -- Tommy is in Austin and I'm here in Colorado -- but together we are "Deb and Tommy," and have been for a long time. So now I've joined Facebook -- which was existentially challenging -- and we've put our holiday song "Alone in Wonderland" out into the world to make its way with our Facebook music page, "Deb & Tommy," and by releasing the single on I anticipate putting out another single in January -- Texas is Mine -- which I completed with Mark Best (also a childhood friend) and amazing musician. (I have been fortunate to have very talented friends.)  For some, these may seem like small steps, but for me, they reflect my continuing commitment to music and the creative life. Thanks to everyone who have supported me in this lifelong endeavor.

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