35th Telluride Jazz Celebration

The 35th Jazz Celebration in Telluride was the best ever. I shared the event with good friend and musician Yvonne Meek and her daughter, my niece Lynzi and her two sons--one 4 month old and one 4 year old. It was fun although also occasionally chaotic, since we were also camping out. Here are some highlights (in my humble opinion)

Friday: Tower of Power -- danced and danced and danced. They looked happy and the music was joyful and they were everything I expected and more. The singer, oh man!  And the horn section cooked.

Saturday: Badi Assad -- guitarist, singer, songwriter -- her lovely spirit shines in the music and she is an accomplished guitarist who writes great songs. Feminine and powerful. Delicate and strong. Wonderful.

Sunday: The Clayton Brothers. It's very hard to put this musical experience into words. It moved me to tears. It moved my friends to tears. It moved my friend's 16 year old daughter to tears it was so beautiful. So perfect. So rare. So fine. So truly jazz. I am forever grateful to the Clayton family for privilege of hearing the set.

The Saturday night set at Azadi Fine Rugs for the patron party went very well and the piano provided by my good friends Warren and Holly of American Classic Piano was a privilege for which I can't thank them enough.

Sunday morning's church service at Christ Church also went well. It was packed with people visiting from all over. My music was locked in Azadi so I had to improvise--reports are that it was moving. It was all I could do to sing through my tears of joy.

I visited to many friends it was like a family reunion. All and all it was a very moving, sweet time.

Regards, db




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