Pinon Arts's been awhile...but looking forward to the next endeavor...Pinon the West End...more news to come...!

Link for New Release - Moments of Soft Persuasion 

Here's the link to Deb & Tommy's new song release, a cover of Peter, Paul & Mary's "Moments of Soft Persuasion."


The collaboration continues!

New Release from Deb & Tommy 

Deb & Tommy will be releasing a new single and publishing a video...a cover of Peter, Paul & Mary's Moments of Soft Persuasion...on May 7th! Find it on

Spring Has Sprung 

Spring has sprung here in the adobes. The bees are busy buzzing. Burying their noses in lavender, mint, roses of pink, yellow and orange, yarrow, dianthus (white and red), bleeding hearts, purple and wine irises, blooming chives and rosemary. The humming birds won't give me a break and are almost tame, and a bit demanding...little buggers. On the horizon...clematis and day lily blooms and spinach and lettuce big enough to harvest. The cosmos, pumpkins and beans are sprouting. I enjoyed the best three

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December Wishes 2015 


To everyone -- known and unknown -- I wish you lasting peace.




Fires Are Burning In the Northwest 

Dispirited by haze

with endless dawn, with

smoke and distances

layered gray upon gray.

Heedless, the yellow birds

peck and chatter on

the nodding heads of

August sunflowers, soon

to fly and too thrilled with

summer and her bounty

to bother about land laid

bare by wind and fire

and the looming arms

of ash-filled skies.


Springtime in the Rockies 

Springtime in the Rockies

I spent the morning talking to the pear

and tulips in a ragged row, said

turn back. Think again. Reconsider.

It's just feels like an early summer wind.

It's warm, but not spring. Not yet, tulip brain.

Listen here. You are wrongheaded.

Winter wanes but not for long.

Frost will lay your green lair low.

Some things I cannot change but still dread.

Some things I wish I didn't know.

(Deb Barr - All Rights Reserved)

Bluebirds and the New Year! 

Somewhat unusual, I think, for the bluebirds to arrive so early...but they are here in a flurry, hurrying about their business in a whirl and aflutter. Sort of the way it feels to start a new year with lots of plans for music, life, love, joy, family, friends, gardens...a whole life aflutter, awaiting springtime and the promises of summer...a world away from skis and snow and thermometers below zero! Happy new year!

Good Thoughts for A New Year... 

"Be selective in your focus because your attention feeds the energy of it and keeps it alive, not just within you, but within the collective consciousness as well."

--Sanae Lathan


May we all achieve a higher consciousness in the new year.

Much love, DB

Christmas Eve in Telluride 

After I moved from Austin to Colorado in 1981, Telluride became my new home. I still have strong roots there, although I have moved from the banks of the San Miguel to the hills above the Uncompahgre. So I am always happy to be asked to provide the music for the Christmas Eve services at Telluride's Christ Church. So many of the faces are familiar, while others are not -- but all are friendly. The church is packed with regulars and visitors alike, and I am always moved by the excited faces of the children

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