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Deb Barr: Music


Leave Nothing Behind

(Deb Barr)
Deb Barr

A song for Haley-Bopp, the comet.

with Jeff Solon, Scott Jarrett and Tony Bellasai.

At the Cosmo

(Deb Barr w/Jeff Solon, Scott Jarrett,Guy Russo,& Tony Bellasai)
June 1, 1997
Deb Barr / San Miguel Music

Off Season Blues

(Deb Barr (w/ Gian Rovetto on string bass and David Hammond on guitar))
June 1, 2007
Deb Barr

Land of Dreams

(Deb Barr w/ Scott Jarrett on guitar and Tony Bellasai on string bass)
June 1, 1997
Deb Barr

Texas Is Mine

(Deb Barr with Mark Best)
Deb Barr - All Rights Reserved

Deb & Tommy

Alone in Wonderland

(Deb Barr & Tommy Dean)
December 13, 2009
Deb Barr & Tommy Dean

Moments of Soft Persuasion

(Deb & Tommy)
May 7, 2017
Peter, Paul & Mary